Our singular focus is to improve performance of sales professionals!


The Madison Company was established in 1992 by Ziya Muhamedcani to provide results driven sales consulting and training services at all levels of the sales organization. Madison Company consulting and training are not singular classroom or office based events but promotes the development of sales professionals through the emphasis on continuous field training (Field-On-The-Job-Training). Programs are based on sales basics that all sales personnel need but are often overlooked. Madison Company can provide new and innovative ways for sales training, based on practical approaches, to successfully generate new skills and habits.

Madison Company consulting and training sessions are conducted in classrooms/offices and while accompanying sales personnel on customer calls. Programs are conducted in Japanese, Chinese, Thai, Portuguese, French, and English.

Industry experience include trainings conducted for leading multinationals in:

  • Medical equipment
  • Consumer goods
  • Service
  • Industrial / machinery
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Airlines
  • Chemicals
  • Financial

Key Elements

Madison Company activities focus around the MADISON METHOD℠ consisting of 3 essential elements that are needed to change habits and develop new skills. These elements, often considered too basic and overlooked in the development of sales personnel, are the key factors to effect real change.

  • Element 1: The need for individualized, planned training…which focuses on each individual’s personal strengths and weaknesses.
  • Element 2: All training must be practical and carrying real world applications.
  • Element 3: The need for continuous training and follow up ensuring that training is a process and not an event.

All the above elements are built into all Madison Company activities.