Upgrade Deal Qualification/Sales Forecasting Capabilities

occulus logoOcculus is an easy to use deal qualification/sales forecasting tool used by sales professionals.  Using powerful algorithms, based on the inputs of the sales professionals, Occulus then takes over and measures the integrity of deals in the pipelines to accurately determine which deals to prioritize, pursue and include in the forecast and which deals to drop.  Much more than just a ‘lead scoring’ system, Occulus analyzes the strengths & weaknesses of overall deal description, selling strategies being currently employed, relationships with the stakeholders, position vs. competitor and the decision process and timing.  Based on inputs to the above elements of the deal, Occulus provides detailed guidance to assist in moving the deal towards a successful close.


DEAL FORECAST ACCURACY: Greater than 90% accuracy on the amount and close time forecasted for the deal on an individual deal by deal basis.

PIPELINE QUALITY IMPROVEMENT:  In very short order, Occulus can weed out low quality deals from the pipeline and ensure that sales activities are focusing on deals that can be won (and will close by the stated Close Date) resulting in increased Win Rates.

REDUCED TIME COMMITMENT: Automate and significantly reduce the time required to create the forecast.  Sales reps have more time to sell and sales managers have more time to coach and manage instead of being bogged down in administrative activities.

TIMELINESS OF FORECAST: Forecast is always based on the most recent deal information and can be produced monthly, weekly, daily or even after each sales call!

Past history has shown that within 3 to 6 months of use, Occulus gives sales professionals:

  • Increases in win rates of up to 50%
  • Decreases in deal slippage of up to 45%
  • Forecasting accuracy greater than 90%

Trust & Confidence

With Occulus’ advanced algorithms working behind the scenes, your sales team will win more deals, save time and deliver better forecasts. Based on over tens of thousands of deal evaluations, you can trust that the Occulus analysis results are accurate and you can have confidence that the guidance provided will lead to successful deal closes.


Simple Graphics to Evaluate Deals

The Occulus Analytics Engine will analyze all the deals in your pipeline and display the results both numerically and graphically allowing to quickly identify the most promising deals or any deals that are in trouble and require intervention.

Advanced Analytics for the Sales Team

Sales reps and sales managers can easily reap the rewards of Occulus’ powerful analytical algorithms.  The Occulus Advanced Analytics system meshes simply and seamlessly into the currently utilized CRM and selling environment.

Enhances Sales Coaching by Sales Managers

Occulus’ unique Sales Coaching capability allows the sales manager to provide coaching advice and guidance to a member of the team based on the latest customer information obtained by the sales rep.


But we already have a sales forecasting system, why do we need Occulus?

First question we ask is does the current sales forecasting system provide the accuracy necessary to successfully run your business.  If the answer is yes, we suggest using the existing methodology. However, should you want to further increase sales forecasting accuracy to an even higher level or reduce time required for sales rep to consolidate their sales forecasts thus increase field selling time or simply enhance sales manager sales coaching abilities, let us show you how all this is possible by using Occulus.

Does it work with the CRM used by the company?

Occulus currently works with and integrates into Microsoft Dynamics, Salesforce.com and SAP.  Further, experience has shown that using Occulus actually increases CRM usage compliance in many instances.

Will Occulus work in my Company?

Occulus clients have the following characteristics:

  • Sell products or services into highly competitive, B2B environments
  • Complex, Consultative or Key Account Sales environment with sales cycles ranging from 6 – 24 months
  • Have a CRM with a defined sales process
  • Create sales forecasts on a regular basis (Quarterly, Monthly or Weekly)

If this is your Selling Environment, Occulus will help you! Please contact us for further information.

Still Not Convinced and Want Proof?

If you need or want proof, we will provide it; not with statistics or graphs or testimonials, which we will also provide, but by allowing Occulus to analyze one of your deals.

Occulus will tell you 6 things about the deal you are working on:

  • How well it’s qualified
  • Likelihood of winning it
  • Probability of it closing by the forecasted Close Date
  • What additional Information you need
  • The next steps to drive the deal forward
  • Should you Forecast it –  is it a commit or upside

Occulus Inc. did a number of side-by-side studies comparing sales rep’s results where one sales team used Occulus and another did not (within the same company) and reviewed the results after two quarters.  Occulus then averaged the results:

Where do I get a demo as well as the pricing information for Occulus?

You can try the free demo of Occulus here.

Please contact us to get in touch with us for more information on Occulus, you can reach us at via email here.