One of the most challenging problems for senior management is the accurate evaluation of the sales force. Madison Company's exclusive sales force assessment tool, Sales CheckUp™, a comprehensive field observation and one-on-one interview based assessment of the sales department, provides management valuable insights into functions and segments of the sales organization most often misrepresented or misunderstood within companies. Madison Company's Sales CheckUp™ consists of:

  • BACKGROUND INFORMATION GATHERING/ SENIOR MANAGEMENT + EXECUTIVE INTERVIEWS to develop an understanding of company strategy, organization structure, product portfolio, and market situation
  • INTERVIEWS WITH KEY SALES DEPARTMENT SENIOR MANAGEMENT to understand sales expectations, policies, procedures and standards
  • EXTENSIVE FIELDWORK AND INTERVIEWS WITH SALES REPRESENTATIVES AND SALES MANAGERS to evaluate actual in-field practices based on a customized questionnaire developed specifically for client/ project
  • REPORT DEVELOPMENT, PRESENTATION to executive team members outlining key findings, specific recommendations and activities.
  • WORKSHOP with senior management to focus on and gain senior management consensus on key development topics and timeframes.

Subsequently, Madison Company has the flexibility to either serve as a project manager to ensure achievement of key tasks agreed to or to actively consult/ train on key elements of the project. SALES CHECKUP™ is the ideal tool to identify strengths and weaknesses within the sales department and to establish performance benchmarks. Management can then objectively review needs of the organization and develop an appropriate response to meet these needs. Historically, most companies undertake Sales CheckUp™ as a first step, and then proceed to either restructure the sales organization and systems or selectively choose to strengthen the sales organization through additional programs based on the recommendations.

Sales CheckUp™ Process:

Step 1

Pre-Assessment Data Collection | 1 – 2 Weeks

Step 2

Executive Meeting – Presentation by Top Management/ Sales Management | ½ – 1 Day

Step 3

Post Meeting – Analysis, Preparation, Questionnaire Development | 1 – 2 Weeks

Step 4

Sales Manager Interviews – Field Accompaniments + Office/ Virtual Interviews | 2 – 3 Weeks

Step 5

Sales Rep Field Observations – Field Accompaniments +Office/ Virtual Interviews | 2 Weeks – 3 Months

Step 6

Review, Analysis, and Report Development | 2 – 4 Weeks

Step 7

Presentation/ Workshop – Recommendations/ Discussions/Next Steps Agreement | 1 Day