The Madison Method℠ is a set of 3 interlocking components essential for the development of every sales professional. The components are practical, field friendly, based on common sense and champion business basics, elements often overlooked in today’s training and consulting.

Practical and Field Oriented
Most sales training programs are heavily based on theories. While the need for such training is essential to the exposure to new ideas and methodologies, unless supported by practical application, most of what is presented is not properly applied by sales personnel receiving the training. The Madison Method provides practical field applications. Systems, forms, guidelines, as well as activities are all developed and customized during the Madison Method training sessions to ensure trainees are equipped with the proper tools for immediate field use.

Individualized and Planned Development Program
The development of every sales professional must reflect the strengths and weaknesses of each unique individual. When utilizing the Madison Method, all sales professionals have a detailed and individually planned development program, customized to the specific needs of the person. As all sales personnel have different set of skills based on previous experiences and accomplishments, a personalized program is the starting point of this developmental process.

Continuous Training
Unlike other training programs, the Madison Method emphasizes the need for continuous training, resulting in the acquisition and maintenance of new skill sets. Internal trainers and sales managers reinforce new skills. Training is conducted in classroom/office settings and in the field through regularly scheduled FOJT (Field-On-The-Job Training) sessions.