A key account management program which will expand sales at existing strategic accounts, identify and enable sales into new large accounts, target and establish a foothold into up and coming enterprises.  All critical opportunities to achieve incremental sales in today’s increasingly competitive selling environment.

With the Madison Company’s PARTNER℠ Key Account Manager program your sales teams will develop relevant planning, probing, and implementing skills and methodologies to generate incremental sales revenue at key accounts while utilizing proven techniques, tools and templates.  Your company will have better transparencies to key account strategies and future activities, identifying central stakeholders at these accounts and have a better overall understanding of customer needs and pain points that need to be solved.  Further, all these critical key account information and activities will be shared across your organizations key account team for better alignment and planning.

By utilizing the 6-step PARTNER℠ structure across your organization, all your key account team members will be better aligned in terminologies, methods and tools to minimize confusion and maximize teamwork and success.