EPIC℠ – A Comprehensive Sales Force Effectiveness (SFE) Program

A comprehensive, proprietary, and validated SFE program to change the way the sales force thinks, acts, manages and sells. Generates genuine culture change within the organization while increasing sales force productivity and sales.

EPIC is a structured 4 part SFE program:

Evaluate: The initial step for an SFE program starts with the understanding of the existing situation within the sales organization. A field-based audit, SEE℠ (Sales Effectiveness Evaluation) is conducted to evaluate sales manager, sales rep, HQ activities, capabilities and skills set.

Plan: Upon completion of SEE the 2nd phase for SFE is the development of an action plan based on the findings of the sales audit. Focus on Territory, Foundations/CRM, and Training activities.

Implement: Upon development and agreement reached internally on the contents and schedule for the SFE plan, the 3rd phase for EPIC℠ is its implementation. All 3 elements - Territory, Foundations/CRM, Training

Confirm: The 4th and final step for EPIC is controlling the SFE program through follow up activities. This follow up effort , an integral part to sustaining new habits and skills, ensures the reinforcement of new techniques, activities, methods and requirements previously established.

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