Affects of First Line Managers and Senior Leadership

Quick insights from one of our current training project

LeadershipI just finished the first follow up videoconference calls with a few trainees from Japan, this is about a month following the Key Account Management training program which we conducted in the early part of March this year. I was very encouraged that key elements of the training program has begun to be implemented by all of those that I spoke with. This is the direct result of the 1st Line Field Management as well as the local senior Commercial Excellence Manager's follow up, consistent communication, and support of the trainees over this past month. This is a stark contrast from the other trainees in other global markets for this company where, even though the Madison Company conducted the same KAM training, content adoption was limited.

Time and time again we see first line managers and senior company leadership play the critical role of driving training content adoption and habit changes within the sales organization. Change does not occur simply by conducting a sales training class. It needs support, nurturing and dedication by managers to make it happen for the betterment of the field sales rep and the company.