Expanding on “How Well is the Deal Qualified?”

Mel Harding, VP of Marketing & Product Development over at our partner , recently posted an article about deal qualification. I wanted to take a little time to expand on what he wrote. You can find the original article here.

The original article Mel wrote stemmed from a LinkedIn Groups discussion post about qualifying a deal. This lead to a discussion that included a good number of sales managers and sales reps. Simply put, everyone agreed that in order for a manager to be a better value for their sales team and the organization accurate information about the deal pipeline from the frontline (sales reps) is crucial.

This resonates the adage "good data in, good data out". If so much of being able to forecast if a deal is going to rely on sales reps, wouldn’t it be ideal to analyze it with a set of unbiased eyes?

That's why I wanted the Madison Company to partner with Occulus Inc. to be able to promote their software as a standalone product and for it to be a complimentary tool to go along with the line of sales training and sales coaching products the Madison Company offers. If you're interested in seeing how well Occulus is at analyzing and forecasting the quality of a deal, we have a free version of the software that will allow you to enter details about a deal and Occulus will analyze that information, then give you a report on the quality and confidence in closing the deal.

This trial is free; no credit card information or email address is required. If you want to know more after completing the free analysis, implementing Occulus in your sales organization, or how it can be used as a sales training or coaching tool, you can enter your email address at the end of the reporting page and we will contact you to discuss further.

Click here to try Occulus.