Occulus Webinar Recording

At the end of May, Madison Company president Ziya Muhamedcani presented a series of webinars to announce the partnership between Madison and Occulus Inc. and demo the software. These webinars focused on the backgrounds of the two companies, how the software works, and what the software looks like. We’ve made one of the launch demo webinars available to view online at your convenience. You can watch it here or on our YouTube channel.

Please check below the video for the timestamps to specific parts of the video.

1:10 – About the Madison Company
5:32 – What is Occulus
7:28 – Reasons for Sales Forecast Failures
16:29 – How the Software Works
28:51 – What Occulus Provides
30:22 – Value From Using The Software
34:50 – Software Demonstration
35:10 – Creating a New Opportunity
38:34 – Summary/Analysis of Created Opportunity
40:00 – Viewing Fully Completed Opportunity
47:44 – Overview of Forecasting Tab

These are just some of the features and uses of the software. If you have any questions or would like more information about Occulus or to arrange a private demonstration, please visit our information page and contact us via the form at the end of the information page.